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ISAS Volunteer Counsellors are the reason we are able provide such a cost effective and successful specialist service. Their enthusiasm and willingness to undertake this challenging work is so beneficial for our clients.

We pride ourselves in the knowledge that we are one of the most sought after agencies for student counsellors to attain their placements with. Once they have completed their required hours in training most of our volunteers continue to offer their services, as not only do they appreciate the great support they receive but also the benefits it has by witnessing how much their work can help improve the lives of their clients. It is a privilege to work with such amazing people.

Volunteers must offer counselling sessions with at least two clients once a week and in return they receive financial support towards the cost of their supervision, and expenses.*

Excellent specialist training provided prior to working with our clients and then further training is offered to ensure ongoing Professional Development. We also provide every new volunteer with a Buddy who is an experienced ISAS counsellor to provide telephone support for them on a regular basis during their first six months. There is peer supervision which is offered on a regular basis where counsellors can discuss areas that are a problem for them in their work or just to share interventions that have helped with client work. Ongoing support is at hand from the dedicated ISAS Team.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer counsellor then please complete the Volunteer Enquiry Form.

*Certain criteria to qualify for expenses may apply.