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Ways to Support isas

Most counselling organisations calculate their counselling costs at between £40-£60 per hour. This means even though ISAS is lucky enough to receive free time from its dedicated pool of Volunteers, which ISAS needs donations and financial support to keep the service running.

Unfortunately the funding we receive does not cover the full cost of running the service and although the service is free for survivors, it costs over £200,000 per year to provide.

ISAS works with between 200 - 250 survivors and their carers at any one time and delivers around 10,000 counselling sessions per year.

If you can then we would ask you to donate to us wherever possible:

  • £40 will cover an initial assessment with a survivor, helping them to know that help is finally on its way.
  • £300 will help to deliver a course of counselling sessions for those less traumatised
  • £900 will help offer support to a survivor needing longer term support.

You can offer us direct funding by clicking on the donate button on the left hand side of the screen.

Other ways to support us

  • Hold a Cake Day at Work for us!
  • Choose us as your Charity of the Year!
  • Sponsored Challenges, such as marathons and Sky dives!
  • You could hold a small fundraising event
  • Recycle your clothes on e-bay.
  • Sell your old CDs on

You might have your own fundraising ideas, if you would like help or advice then contact

Sometimes people cannot offer us donations right now but might wish to leave a legacy in their will, offering future support. This too would help ISAS in the much longer term.