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What Support can we give You?

ISAS offers specialist services which provide counselling for both male and female survivors of sexual abuse, assault and rape. We offer gender specific counsellors and provide all of our counsellors with training specifically aimed at working with males.

ISAS recognises that it can be difficult for males to be able to disclose their abuse especially when society expect men to be the 'stronger' gender. It can feel like a weakness to admit to having a problem especially as some of you may have been abused by a female caregiver which is difficult for you to come to terms with, let alone others.

Up until a few years ago it was frowned upon if you accessed counselling and was also looked upon as a sign of weakness. Thankfully there are a lot of changes as generally people begin to realise the benefit of engaging in counselling.

We are also aware that some clients will struggle with certain counsellors, we therefore offer a choice of male or female counsellors. There may be other aspects of a person that can be a problem for our clients and so we take all this into consideration.

At the assessment appointment we will provide you with information about all our services that we provide at the moment including a telephone line offering support, text or email service whilst on our waiting list. We also discuss with you the amount of sessions that best suits your needs which will be either 12, 24 or 36 sessions. These sessions will be with the same counsellor at the same venue, time and day on a weekly basis. If you are having difficulty in with your sessions then we invite you to let us know if you are unable to talk to your counsellor about this.

Our counsellors will ensure that they are there for you at the specified time and day however if you are not able to attend the appointment we ask that you let us know with as much notice as possible as some of our counsellors travel a considerable distance. If you do not let us know and you do not attend then we will not offer you another appointment without there being further contact from you.