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Service Users

Looking for counselling and or support? What you can expect.

If you are looking for support you are welcome to contact us either by telephone, email or asking for support from a friend, relative or support worker to contact us.

You may wish to just access some telephone, email or text support at first and you are welcome to do this as and when a member of staff or a volunteer is free to provide you adequate time.

Once contact is made if you wish to make an appointment to access our counselling or therapeutic group service then we will arrange a mutually agreeable time and date for you to be seen for a one off appointment usually within 2 weeks. This assessment appointment will last between approximately an hour and an hour and a half is a chance to find out more about the services we offer and what you can expect. We will explain our confidentiality policy answer any questions you may have and ensure that ISAS is the most appropriate service for your needs.

You are welcome to bring someone with you for support however where possible we would encourage you to be on your own for your appointment as your counselling sessions are on a one to one basis.

We are committed to raising awareness on issues surrounding childhood sexual abuse and to achieve positive change in society through education and campaigning.