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How you might be Feeling

Often survivors have an internal battle where part of them wants and needs help and yet another part is unable to trust anyone.

Many survivors of abuse have been forced into silence and may still hold the belief that bad things will happen if they tell.

Telling someone that you were abused is often an extremely difficult and emotional thing to do. Not surprisingly, you may find that thoughts and feelings about the abuse get stronger and more frequent after you have told someone. It can also be harder to cope with these feelings in the way that you may have done for years.

Making that first step can feel so enormous and so to be able to ask for the help you need and deserve is not always very easy especially if you are struggling with issues of trust.

At ISAS we believe that your counsellor is a very important part of your journey in as much you need to be able to feel that you can trust the counsellor and so we encourage you to check this out with them. We provide our counsellors with extensive training to ensure that they are fully aware of the issues faced by survivors.

You may feel that you are alone with your feelings and that no one can possibly understand how you feel especially as it can be difficult to make sense of them yourself. Hopefully some of what has been said on this website will help reassure you that you are not so alone with your thoughts and feelings and there are people who are able to understand.

As you may know everyone has one thing in common, we are all unique.

Therefore everyone's journey of healing is individual to them.