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What you might need to know if your partner starts therapy or counselling

Whilst in the long term, survivors of abuse may find therapy or counselling can be helpful to work through what has happened to him/her as a child, it can also be a very daunting and difficult process.

Your partner may talk about things in therapy which they have never told anyone before. Working through things from the past is a process and sometimes it appears as if things are getting worse before they get better.

However, many people find that seeking appropriate help and support means that they can work through the process at a pace which is right for them, and which can help them along their healing journey.

For you this may mean you have to try to be patient and not hurry along the process, and avoid showing your frustration if things do not seem to be getting better as quickly as you would like. If you are in a sexual relationship with your partner, there may be times where your partner needs to take time out from this side of the relationship for a short time whilst they work through something in therapy. The therapist may encourage them to discuss this with you where appropriate.

Your support of your partner could be incredibly helpful as part of their healing process.