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The effects of supporting an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse

If you are a partner of someone who has been sexually abused, you may have your own thoughts and feelings such as shock, guilt, anger, disbelief, helplessness and powerlessness. You may also experience some of the things in the list of 'effects on your partner'.

It is important to try to be supportive of your partner, but it is also important to care for yourself too. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to seek counselling or therapy for yourself. Sometimes you will need to take your mind off things by having a break and doing things you enjoy.

Although the effects of childhood sexual abuse may affect you in your supporting role, it is important that you are sensitive to your partner's feelings and that you are there to help them through their healing journey. We have provided some suggestions to help them through this process. Remember that each person is unique in their needs and these suggestions may be helpful when supporting your partner but you may not find all of them are useful to you.