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ISAS's Newark Administration staff have now relocated to a new office.

Counselling and Group work continue to be delivered from Newark. Our new telephone phone number is now 0115 8240314. Please use this number to contact us. Email addresses remain the same.

ISAS - Incest and Sexual Abuse Survivors is a Nottinghamshire based registered charity that provides face to face, telephone and group counselling services for adult male and female service users of childhood sexual abuse, their partners and family members.

These services are available throughout the county of Nottinghamshire.

Our services are for women and men over the age of 16, regardless of race, class, sexual orientation, disability and special needs.

What our clients say

Our service is free, but as a registered charity donations are always welcome.

As an organisational member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy we are bound by its Ethical Framework.

What we offer

  • Up to twelve months one to one counselling
  • Or the choice of attending a group
  • Partners, parents and family members of survivors are offered up to 12 weeks of counselling if required
  • Sessions are usually for one hour per week
  • Clients are offered a choice of gender for their counsellor
  • Telephone support
  • Information and training for the statutory and voluntary sector
  • Training, workshops and support for Volunteer Counsellors
  • Male Survivors' Group
  • Immediate counselling for 8 weeks for victims of rape and serious sexual assualt.
Dawns Story

Over 65% of ISAS clients report they found the impact of attending ISAS Counselling as 'Very good effect or better', 36% found its impact 'Excellent of better' and 17% found its impact 'Outstanding'

ISAS takes self referrals and those from GPs, mental health teams, social services, probation service, prison services, criminal justice teams, drug and alcohol teams, voluntary sector organisations and other counselling services. All referrals are offered an initial assessment appointment within two weeks of the initial contact and advised of waiting times for counselling in their particular area.

ISAS recently achieved 99.76% in its self assessment against The Survivors Trust National Standards. You can find out more about The Survivors trust by clicking here.