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How to Refer someone

At the moment we take referrals from survivors and/or third parties. It is preferable where possible to encourage self referral; however we do appreciate how difficult it can be for people to make that first step.

If you are wishing to refer someone then it is preferable if you can call us with information about them including a telephone number so that we can call them to arrange a mutually agreeable time for their initial appointment which is held at our office in Nottingham.

Alternatively you may wish to support the survivor to attend their assessment appointment. You may wish to consider how best to do this i.e.: if you attend with them and/or sit in their first assessment session with them.

The appointment is a one off initial assessment appointment which last between 45 minutes to 90 minutes and is a chance for the client to find out more about our service and what they can expect. During this process we explain our confidentiality policy and invite them to sign it.

We explain how it is important for them to know that they do not need to tell us about their experience(s) but the opportunity to do so is there if they wish to. Please note - there are no waiting facilities so please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your time slot.

Unfortunately at the moment ISAS does not work with survivors who have gone on to offend sexually.

Referrals are only taken by telephone: 0115 8240314. We prefer to take referrals on a Tuesday and Thursday where possible.